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The MenosGastos Logo has two main parts: the speech bubble and the pie chart. The speech bubble is there because MenosGastos is a platform for Advertisers to announce and speak about what they are offering and for Visitors also to sound off the Sellers.  The inside of the Logo is a pie chart representing that the goal here is to save - not pay full price, but only a portion of the full price. That's exactly what MenosGastos presents to everyone!

Our Company
MenosGastos is a Registered Trademark of Digital Visions Philippines ICT Services Inc, a Philippine-based Corporation founded 2005 with the following address:

MenosGastos PH Free Ads
Makati Corporate Office:
28th Floor of Cityland Pasong Tamo Tower U2807
2210 Chino Roces Avenue, Makati City
Philippines 1200

We can be reached at  +63 2 840-1918 weekdays 8:30AM to 5:30PM. Or email us at customerservice@menosgastos.ph. 

Our Story

How did MenosGastos come about? Let's hear it from its Founder in this excerpt from Interviews last July and August 2015.

Q: Let's start off with something easy, why call it MenosGastos?
A: We wanted a name that says it all right away. The English translation of "menos gastos" is "less cost" - but words like "mas mura" and "makakatipid sa gastusin" in our language feel closer to the heart. We envisioned it as a site where people can go to get the best deal or find what they want at a lower cost. Oh and it has a special meaning for Sellers ...here they get to post free. Really free.

Q: How did MenosGastos start?

A: Just like any invention or innovation, it always starts with a need and finding ways to meet that need in a way that is along the lines of your interest... or better, something you feel passionately about.

Q: And what need is that?
A: That small businesses need all the help they can get. We hear about large Companies all the time  - they are always in the news. But actually, small businesses are the heroes of our economy. Big businesses Government support and incentives - but small businesses get very little or no help at all and yet, provide about 60% of employment in the Philippines. They are heroes because they risk their life's savings on their business, put their families' future on the line, and work so many unpaid hours, and yet are not even recognized and sometimes even looked down as second class income earners. I've been working with SMEs since 2005 - our other Company services startups and SMEs and I also run SMEs myself, so I know these things. I can say that many
small businesses struggle, and many go bankrupt for different reasons. One of the main reasons is that however good they are in doing or making things, they are dead if no one knows about them. They need people to know about them and they need customers. That's where marketing comes in. MenosGastos is a marketing tool because it gives then that extra online media push. And we do it for free so it definitely fits everyone's budget!

Q: But there are others that offer online classified ads. There is one in particular thats been around for years - well its a different name now - but its big. We see even it advertised on buses and even TV.  Why do we need another one?
A: Yes of course we know about them. You are talking about OLX - that used to be Sulit. They may seem the same but they are not. People who knew sulit.com.ph loved sulit.com.ph. I'll tell you this -
I admire  sulit.com.ph. I actually had the honor of meeting the Founder of sulit.com.ph, RJ David, personally in 2011. He is very commendable for what he started and how he grew it and how it created opportunities specially for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Sulit was great.

Q: I'm still not too clear on why another one? OLX or Sulit seems just fine - it's just a name change right?
In 2013, things began to change at sulit.com.ph ...starting with small things.. a lot of small things ... the shortening of Ads titles, restrictions on pictures, limiting to plain text, no contact info in the Ads, approvals and more. Yes it seemed okay because its free and we should be grateful to have sulit.com.ph in the first place but as Sellers, we couldn't help but feel being pushed and squeezed out. So our Team started conceptualizing MenosGastos to restore to the Sellers the option to express and be creative in selling their products. SWe want to restore the soul that made sulit.com.ph great  before... p
osting here is free and there is freedom.

Q: I see now that there are online discussions on that.  MenosGastos is new to me - I only heard about it recently .., you say it's been around since 2013?
A: We are new on the scene. We launched the Beta only last June 3, 2015. When I say 2013, I mean the process started in 2013. Just like with other businesses, we started with planning things out first.
Business planning for MenosGastos was a challenge. Why? It's a free site and there will surely be no significant earnings and on top of that, there are expenses in bandwidth and people. We were limited in what resources we can dedicate to creating the alternative Free Ads site.

So aside from planning we secured our domains www.menosgastos.ph and menosgastos.com.ph in August 2013, and filed our Application for Trademark with the IPO shortly after, we did some preliminary programming work along the way and tested various software packages.

The year 2014 saw the strange but sudden rise of AyosDito.ph while on our front, the trademark for MenosGastos was granted. We thought it was great to have a new player like AyosDito but it was a let down - it was almost as, if not more, restrictive. And it turned out be be just a power play between foreign entities trying to control the Classified Ads scene in the Philippines. The whole thing was not really the fault of sulit.com.ph Founder - the situation has simply gone beyond his control as OLX is a much larger foreign entity that has gained majority ownership of the sulit.com.ph. The Founder of sulit.com.ph simply has no choice but to comply with OLX directives... including the big surprise yet to come. 2015 was a shocker to Advertisers as OLX switched to Paid Ads model. We were Sellers too so we felt what you felt. The Advertisers were quick to react: We tracked how the OLX ads dropped from 1.4 million to 1 million in just a couple of months, then it breached the 1 million marked and dropped quickly to 800,000, and continued its free fall to 400,000 (where it remains today). All in just a matter of 5 months - it was unbelievable. The Advertisers have spoken and made their voice heard by withdrawing over a million Ads from OLX. Thats whne we knew the time was right for MenosGastos so we fasttracked the launch of the Beta and opened MenosGastos to the public last June 3.

Q: But surely OLX had to charge - as you said, there are expenses. How would a free site cover expenses and make money if it won't charge?
A: There are many ways. One is through Google Ads - you see it all the time at the edges of websites. Website owners earn from those when people click on them. Another would be to put in Ad banners or offer premium services. But surely not a broad charge, that targets nearly everybody - specially if that "everybody" are small businesses or individual Entrepreneurs just trying to make it in this economy to better themselves and their families. The Internet is great because there's a lot of goodwill  - like we use Google to search and email and yet we do not pay, we use Wikipedia and we don't pay, we get news and yet we don't pay. So we are in the same club - we want to help small businesses and individuals by providing them the means to advertise and reach their audience. For free. And we want to give them the platform to be creative and present their business and services in the way they think is most attractive - so we allow pictures, embedding of YouTube videos, rich text editing. We allow them to put in links to their own websites and let them publish their email address and mobile phone numbers if they want. It's all good here.

Q: So the main drive is to bring back the free and freedom to Sellers?
A: Well I guess if you want to simplify it, I guess you can say that! It's like things were right, and things became wrong. So we are undoing the wrong first and set things right. Once we are there, then we can build on that and do things even better.  The key point is, us being a Seller ourselves, we understand how Advertisers feel.
We like to think that we can do a better job in helping Advertisers. OLX took a hard hit for forgetting what Advertisers need - and that the people come ONLY because of what Advertisers have posted.

Q: It's like a David vs Goliath though. That's a tough fight. 
A: Well it's not really a fight - it's more of competition. It's about presenting people - small businesses and individual sellers- a choice. Customers always win when there is an open competition. There is actually nothing that prevents people from placing on both or in any other sites they want. It's a free market. But you're right to say that OLX is a tough competitor though - they are big but
remember, they used to be 1.4 million strong and now down to 400k strong - so they are not in their best shape as when sulit.com.ph was in their top form in 2012.  And the David in the story is also not just any guy, he probably spent a lot of time working on his slingshot technique and building up his will determination and planning. Just like him, we like to think that we are also able and willing ... yes we have a long way to go but we are able and willing! And remember, in the end, David won. But he could have been squashed easily too! So we must really be on the top of our game all the time in this competitive world!

[Condensed and edited for clarity and journalistic purposes]


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